About Us

Our mission is simple - to help your business grow.

At Approved Index our unique tailored service aims to find the products that will make your business more profitable, time effective and smarter. We know exactly what it takes to start, grow and sustain a business. Approved Index was launched from a London basement in 2004, and today we have over 150 team members working in two North London offices so we know how to start, scale, and sustain a new business.

In the past decade we have worked to build relationships with over 10,000 businesses whose product and service range spans over 50 areas of expertise. This means we are able to connect you to the supplier that best fits your individual requirements.

Over the past decade we have helped more than 700,000 businesses make a smart decision when searching for the service or product they need, at no additional cost,saving them valuable time.

Isn’t it time your business purchasing got smarter?


By comparing quotes from several companies through our online forms you’ll quickly gain an overview of the market and be presented with competitively priced options, making your purchasing process quicker and more efficient.

Our friendly and efficient telephone staff will help match you with the most relevant suppliers in no time at all – freeing you up to deal with the running of your business.

Our website is also jam-packed with all the latest independent Buyers’ advice which you can browse at your leisure, along with a regional supplier directory.


As a lead generation company we provide qualified sales leads in hundreds of B2B categories. Whatever it is you sell, and wherever in the UK you’re based, we’ll be able to connect you with buyers who are looking to purchase right now.

All our sales leads are qualified by phone, ensuring that you receive the lead at the optimum part of the purchasing cycle. You can also sign up for a free listing in our nationwide directory which is highly visible in Google search results.

Meet The Team

David Thal

Laima Ulozaite

Alex Mandel

Luke Roberts

Scott Christie

Jess Laporte

Businesses Run On Smart Choices

Our dedicated teams have helped over 700,000 unique businesses to find exactly what they need.

We know that choosing the right equipment, and the right supplier, at the right cost can have a huge impact on your bottom line, so we have made it our mission to bring you the best most reliable suppliers, at the most competitive prices.

Businesses run on smart choices. Make Approved Index your first.