office workers in a heart shape for valentines day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most divisive holidays. Some see it as a romantic occasion, for others it’s simply a commercial scam. However, one way that businesses can put a positive spin on the event is to take the opportunity to show their employees how much they are valued.

Happy staff are engaged staff who care about your business (almost) as much as you do. Equally, they’re more likely to stay with you, meaning a better experience for your customers, and less expense when it comes to HR issues or recruitment.

Here are our top five tips for how to reward your staff this Valentine’s Day.

#1 – Food Fridays

An army marches on its stomach, and so does your workforce. Treating your team to brownies in the break room, or a take-away pizza every Friday, is one way to show them all how much you value the hard work they put in. You don’t even have to make it a regular event, an unexpected treat once in a while will surely help to keep your team feeling motivated and appreciated.

#2 – Go above and beyond

Employment law is pretty strict, and you have to abide by it to the letter. However, doing what’s expected of you won’t earn you special points with your staff. Offering additional perks, such as enhanced maternity/paternity pay, or flexi-time, is a way to show you really care.

Rather than simply sticking with what everyone else does, or what you’ve always done, why not speak to your staff about what would really benefit them?

#3 – Gift Vouchers

Many businesses offer gift vouchers as an incentive for hitting certain targets or milestones, or even just for having a birthday while working at the company. These kinds of rewards are fairly cheap and easy to get a hold of, but tend to lack imagination. Instead of choosing generic gift voucher options why not think outside the box slightly?

Employees with young families may enjoy a voucher to a local theme park so they can enjoy time together. A secretary who enjoys cooking might love a voucher for a dining or cooking experience, or a new kitchen set. Got an accountant with a penchant for gardening? A Homebase or B&Q voucher might be right up their street.

Taking the time to actually think about what someone will want to receive, rather than simply giving everyone the same generic gift, is a great way to show them you genuinely care.

#4 – Relaxation

A really simple way to both reward staff, and increase overall productivity, is to ensure they have the opportunity to relax. Why not arrange for a masseuse or Reiki practitioner to come in to your offices once a month? A quick Indian head massage (perhaps without the essential oils) is a great way to really get people to wind down, and will alleviate a lot of stress, anxiety and tension.

It’s also a good excuse to treat yourself, too!

#5 – Employee of the month

Having a monthly competition to crown the employee of the month is a fantastic way to boost performance and encourage enthusiasm within the workplace. Make sure your parameters for what needs to be done are clear and achievable for all members of staff, as well as easily monitored so you can post results.

Change the task or challenge each month, so different people can show off their core skills, and make sure the prize is something people want to win. Perhaps an extra day off, fully paid, or a later start every day for a week? There are so many different options, and again, this is a fantastic way to allow staff to feel included and really part of the company ‘family’.

Deep down, that’s all any of us really want. That and brownies in the break room, of course.

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