Which countries are the quickest to set up shop?

If you have the next million dollar idea and have no time to wait, you might want to pack up and move down under to New Zealand, where starting a business takes the shortest time.

We have produced a series of maps which show the time taken around the world to set up a business in calendar days. Hopeful entrepreneurs in New Zealand can have all legal proceedings complete in less than 24 hours, with Macedonia, Canada, Hong Kong and Georgia coming shortly behind.

The data also revealed that for the first time since 2013, the UK currently enjoys a one day head start on their US rivals, where launching a business takes 5 days versus 6 days, respectively.

Entrepreneurs might want to avoid starting up in Venezuela, where for the second year in a row, procedures can take a staggering 144 days or 5 months. With high levels of corruption and continuously increasing set up costs, launching a business venture in Venezuela proves to be a bigger struggle than  anywhere else in the world.