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In preparation for Valentine’s day 2015, Approved Index launched a brand new study which aimed to take a closer look at love and romance within the workplace. The study, which was conducted in conjunction with online survey site Vivatic, surveyed 1550 office workers and asked them about romance at the workplace and the surrounding circumstances and events. The survey was conducted completely anonymously and revealed some interesting and saucy findings about office dalliances, illicit affairs and finding love.

Turns out, a whopping 65% of office workers have been involved in at least 1 workplace romance. In fact, 48% of office workers said they had been involved in 2 or more, showing just how frequently these affairs are occurring.

The survey uncovered that more than half of office affairs are occurring with a least one person who is already in a committed relationship or marriage. Men are more likely to be involved in such relationships, accounting for 60% of those who admitted to being a workplace cheater.

What was even more interesting is that 70% of respondents who had been involved in office infidelity said they regularly worked overtime. This leads us to question the impact of heavy workloads and long working hours on relationships and life outside of the office.

It’s not all bad news though. The research revealed that 30% of office romances led to a long term relationship or marriage. So perhaps this Valentine’s day, singletons should have a look around the office, as they may just find their perfect partner while lingering at the water cooler.

Key Findings

  • 50% of office romances involved at least one person who was in a relationship or married
  • 68% of respondents who admitted to having an affair regularly worked overtime
  • More men have affairs at work than women; 58% versus 42% respectively
  • 30% of office romances lead to a serious relationship or marriage
  • 7% of these encounters led to a causal relationship
  • Industries with the highest rate of office romances occurring: Fashion (83.87%), Transportation and Logistics (75.93%), Construction (75%), Banking and Finance (70%), Public Sector (70%)
  • Industries with the lowest rate of office romances occurring: Publishing (41.67%), Security (42.86%), Insurance (50%), Manufacturing (50%)

Click to download the survey’s full findings below.

Office Romance Survey Results