In November last year we carried out our very first Buyer Survey specific to a single product. That product was Six Sigma training and with the results we produced this rather lovely infographic.


The reason for picking Six Sigma training was this – over many years of experience linking training buyers with training companies we’ve found that many people on the verge of buying Six Sigma training aren’t sure if it’s really worth it.

Is it right for my industry? For my position within the company? Which level of training should I go for? How useful will it actually be?

In order to get to the bottom of these and other questions we sent a survey to over 4,000 people who’d enquired about Six Sigma training through our website between 2008 and 2012. We asked them if they’d actually done any training and, if so, what they thought of it.

The results were revealing.

The most emphatic piece of data we uncovered was that 93% of people who’d taken a Six Sigma training course would recommend it to others in their profession. That’s an overwhelming response and one that well and truly answers the question of whether Six Sigma training is still relevant. As well as this hearty recommendation from former buyers we were also told by 77% of respondents that they’d applied Six Sigma techniques directly to their work.

As if that wasn’t confirmation enough of the value that Six Sigma trainees feel that they get from their courses, the same number, 77% would consider taking another course of Six Sigma training in the future.

You can find the full results of the survey on the Approved Index website but the above figures alone should be enough to convince the undecided that Six Sigma training is still relevant and still offers tons of value to people in a wide variety of industries.