As the UK economy is lurches sporadically between quarters of growth to quarters of shrinkage and back again it’s becoming increasingly clear that these are the most uncertain economic times in living history.

In times like these many business owners look to the news media and the government to provide insight, analysis and guidance for weathering the storm – but this time we’ve been sorely let down.
As it becomes ever more apparent that those in charge are lacking the tools, understanding or simply the will to correct the failures of the current economic system, the responsibility falls on each of us to gain some understanding where we can and to become our own and each others’ economic advisers.
With this in mind, today we shine a light on bloggers who are doing their utmost to improve our economic education and help us understand financial tools of benefit to business which fall outside the economic orthodoxy…
About: Economics Help is a general economics blog written by A Level economics teacher Tejvan Pettinger. With no apparent ideological biases or political agenda his aim is straightforward and simple – to simplify and demystify the discipline of economics for a lay audience.
With his direct yet easy to read style, his avoidance of jargon-for-the-sake-of-jargon and the courage to confront and debunk the most pervasive economic myths and falsehoods (especially those surrounding government debt), Tejvan provides a beacon to light up the gloomiest corners of the world’s most poorly understood subject.
Tejvan clearly believes that an understanding of the economics basics is within everyone’s grasp and would lead to everyone’s benefit – be it at a polling booth or a place of business.
We are in agreement and so it is with great pleasure that we bestow Economics Help with an Approved Index Best Business Blog Award.
Get the full story on the UK national debt pre- and post-crisis with charts from the Treasury, European Central Bank and Office of National Statistics all explained with Tejvan’s illuminating commentary.

About: describe themselves as the number one online resource for starting a business. Their website is certainly choc-full of useful information, articles and guidance but where they really stand out is in their collaboration with Crowdcube to provide a crowdfunding platform for startups, small businesses and social enterprises.

An alternative source of business funding to bank loans and venture capital, crowdfunding is a vitally important element in the recovery of the UK economy.
By providing a platform through which growing businesses and enterprises can secure the investment they need to set up, grow and, most importantly, create jobs, is a key player in the lives of many an entrepreneur.
Crowdfunding, while still relatively unknown in Britain, is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. However, good blogs that explain how it works, how to effectively raise money through it and how to manage that funding successfully are still thin on the ground. 
Through their blog, startups provide inspirational case studies, advice, warnings and news, all of which deepen the financial understanding of their audience and provides a non-mainstream take on business financing.
if you’re considering taking the crowdfunding route, or even if you just want to get another angle on business finance, add this blog to your bookmarks/feeds/readers now.
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