After poring over our list of nominated blogs for what seems like an age we’re now ready to start announcing the winners in our search for the very best exemplars of UK business blogging.

We’ve divvied the winners up into the natural categories that arose from our shortlisted blogs.
First up, we have two fantastic blogs offering advice, guidance and opinion to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
As well as informative blog posts, by actively engaging their users through comments and social media both our winners in this category also offer business owners the chance to become part of a supportive community of peers.

About: Enterprise Nation was set in 2006 by Emma Jones, author of business books such as Spare Room Start-up, Working 5 to 9 and Turn Your Talent Into a Business. It offers support to UK start-up and home based businesses through books, workshops, training courses and of course the website and social media.
All the blog authors are themselves homeworking freelancers and provide a well balanced mix of advice, tips and insight in a variety of topics from financing to marketing and PR.
In fact there’s enough wisdom on offer to take a new business from initial idea through to growing enterprise which is ready to move into its own premises and start taking on employees.
Every Friday they give up a blog post to an independent small business owner to write about a topic that interests them. Independent’s Day has become a popular feature and regularly starts a flurry of comments from users who can relate to the featured business’s story.
The Enterprise Nation Blog is a valuable resource for any business owner and we’d recommend that all small- and home-businesses get it in their bookmarks, feeds and readers ASAP.
Greg Simpson, founder of Press for Attention, gives a step by step account to authoring and promoting a press release as well as providing great follow up advice in the comments section.

About: While Micro Business Hub doesn’t describe itself as a blog (it’s an online magazine for busy micro business owners), because it uses a blog format, a variety of authors and fosters a real community of users and commenters, we’ve decided it’s eligible for a Best Business Blog Award.
And because it provides a wealth of in-depth, expert advice from authors who really get involved in conversations below the line, we’ve decided to make it a winner.
Editor Georgina El Morshdy puts together a selection of articles on topics as diverse as SEO, technology and sales which are always well written and chock-full of valuable tips for micro business owners in a hurry.
The community of commenters are vocal. They ask great questions and provide further insight and real life examples which in turn provokes the blog authors into great discussions.
They use a wide variety of authors with expertise in numerous niches which guarantees the appropriateness and relevancy of their posts.
Micro Business Hub is, in short, a one-stop-shop for the micro business owner who doesn’t have time to trawl the web for the best content. Here it’s all timely, well thought out advice which is easy to read and all under one roof.
Vince Robisch of ModernCopyStudio explains why ‘make great content’ is useless as advice to new bloggers and why ‘put together a strategy that takes into account the needs and wants of your intended readers’ is.