Following the great reaction to our BestBlogBadge.jpgApproved Index Website Awards 2012 we’ve decided to host another competition on the blog. This time our aim is to shine a light on the very finest UK business blogs.

Running a business is hard and finding time to keep up with the latest news, developments and business practices is a tall order.

The blogosphere is a place that many of us look to for cutting through the noise of the internet and distilling the most important bits for us.

That’s why we’ve decided to publicise the Top 10 Business Blogs in the UK with a special award – be they written by companies, agencies or private individuals.

We’re not restricting the competition to our suppliers this time – we’re throwing the Approved Index Best Business Blogs Awards wide open to ensure we pick out the very finest exemplars of business blogging.

But we need your help!

We can’t read the whole internet by ourselves (though heaven knows we’ve tried) so we’re going to need you to help us give your favourite bloggers the oxygen of publicity.

We’ve already got a few runners in the race but we don’t want the list of winners entirely skewed to our interests.

Nominate your favourite business blog (and yes, it can be your own blog if you like) in the comments underneath this post, by email, by Tweeting us @ApprovedIndex or by telling us on our Google+ or Facebook pages.

What are we looking for?

The only criteria that we insist on is that the blog has appeal to business owners and managers in the UK.

It might be a serious blog aimed at a particular area of business, it might provide how-tos, news items or solely comment and opinion pieces.

It might be humorous or it might even be an entirely picture based Tumblelog.

Whatever it is that ignites your business fires, send it our way. If we get enough nominations it might well end up a winner and get promoted to our entire audience of buyers and suppliers.

We’ll keep the nominations open for the next 3 weeks, after which we’ll start announcing our winners, so get those recommendations in now!