A tireless commitment to high standards of customer service is a quality that we readily associate with Approved Index suppliers but which we’d be foolish to take for granted.

This year’s Buyer Feedback Survey not only highlighted those companies who delivered praiseworthy performance when dealing with a handful of enquiries but also those which put in consistent, quality service time after time when dealing with large numbers of buyer requests.

Here we pay tribute to all those companies who, despite dealing with large volumes got large numbers of high ratings from our buyers…

Approved Index 3 Star Rated CompaniesBadge_3StarCompanies_CLEAN.gif 2012




Card Cutters Ltd

WEBenableIT Ltd


Nhance Web Solutions

Fruity Media Group

Online Telecoms Ltd

Creditsafe UK

Market Makers

Neoteric UK Ltd

The Smart Marketing


Futurform Ltd

Zen Websites Limited

Genesis Business Technology Ltd

The Franking People

Internet & Telecoms Ltd

Business Telephony Ltd

Hot Spring Spas UK

Probase Limited

Website Division LLP

Roxbourne Marketing Designers

Condor Office Systems

Falcon Copiers PLC

Francotyp-Postalia Limited

Zumm Creative

Bespoke Steel Buildings

FPS Air Compressors Ltd

TMN Media

Process Management International

Unique Prospects Limited


Big App Consultancy Ltd

Seo Software Solutions

R.E.P Air Services Ltd

SMarTech UK plc

Logic B.I.T.T.S. Ltd

Sales Doctor

Triton Telecom UK Limited


All the above companies deserve not only the praise but the gratitude of Approved Index for tirelessly delivering excellent service and raising the overall standards of response that our buyers can expect from our supplier network.

Thank you!