As a valued supplier of Approved Index you obviously have keen marketing instincts and are open to exploring new sources of leads and revenue for your business. But are there large benefits of the Approved Index product offering that you’re missing out on? Remember that free listing you filled out when you first signed up and then completely forgot about? Well, in the right hands that free listing could be a powerful marketing tool.

The Approved Index supplier directory is one of the most well populated business directories in the UK and as such is one of the most highly visible in search engine results.

This can benefit Approved Index suppliers in three ways:

1. Boost brand presence on search engine results pages

Let’s look at the Google results for the arbitrary search term “fuelcards leeds”.

approvedindexdirectory1.jpgAs you can see, Be Fuelcards are topping the rankings in position 1. But in position 6 their Approved Index supplier page also shows up. That almost doubles Be Fuelcards footprint on the first page of Google results – space that could be occupied by competitors – and dramatically increases the searcher’s exposure to the brand. The more results a user sees for one brand the more relevant that brand seems to their search query and the more likely they are to click through.

2. Attain otherwise unachievable rankings

Not everyone has the time and budget to get their own website ranking on page 1. These are the search results that appear for “vehicle tracking bradford”:

approvedindexdirectory2.jpgSatmo don’t appear on page 1 of the results but by leveraging the SEO power of directory listings like Approved Index they’ve managed to occupy the top two positions for this search term with their brand name. That’s pretty good value for a free listing.

3. Manage your online reputation

Let’s imagine you’ve already done the hard part and communicated your brand message to potential consumers via some other marketing channel. Now they’re looking to find out more about your company and check your credentials as a supplier. They Google your name expecting to find your website and perhaps some reviews but instead – to your horror – one of the top search results is a forum entry where one of your disgruntled customers has gone on a long rant about the poor service they encountered.

It’s not unusual – no company has an absolute 100% record on customer service. Sometimes things go wrong that are beyond your control and angry customers are much more likely to get online to vent their fury than satisfied customers are to sing your praises. Unfortunately now their ire is presented to every potential customer who searches for your brand name.

Even Approved Index suffers from this phenomenon a bit:

approvedindexdirectory3.jpgOkay, it’s not the most damning title for a forum post and when you follow the link you find that the positive comments outweigh the negative. Still, it puts doubt in the mind of a potential customer that wasn’t there before and could seriously hamper the chances of landing a sale.

If only there was some way of displacing such results. As luck would have it there is: your Approved Index supplier page (along with other directory listing pages) could displace these kinds of results, leaving page 1 for searches on your brand term containing only postive vibes about your company.

But it doesn’t happen without you…

All these benefits of your Approved Index supplier page are there for exploitation but without your input they won’t be realised. What do we mean by your input? Content. The more content your directory page contains the more value it will be seen to have by Google and the higher it will rank. You can add content to your Approved Index listing at any time by logging into your dashboard and following this link:

approvedindexdirectory4.jpgYou can add general text about your company, your latest logo, testimonials from happy customers and case studies with links to work you’ve done on your own website or clients’ sites. All this adds to the value of the page for both users and search engines and helps you to realise the benefits in search engine results pages that we’ve outlined above.

Even if your listing is well populated already it’s well worth freshening it up: fresh content is another powerful signal to Google that the page is relevant and deserves to rank.

In addition, if you put a link on your own website that links back to your Approved Index supplier page you’ll also increase the strength and rankings of that page in search results – which is useful for displacing competitors below you on the SERPs.

So don’t delay – bulk up your Approved Index supplier page today and increase your brand presence in relevant search engine results.

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