While it’s rather unsurprising that a website design company has won our Website Award in the Internet services category we’d still like to single out for the praise it richly deserves. With a masterclass in how to add plenty of value to a website while keeping clutter to a minimum, New Brand Vision Group came out top in an incredibly competitive category.

Who are they?

New Brand Vision Group are a web design and development company based in Shoreditch, East London. They offer a full spectrum of services from initial design and build of a website through to search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

They’ve been Approved Index suppliers since 2007.

Why did they win?

Design – The home page is warm, inviting and makes you feel like you’re being greeted with a steaming cup of coffee as you enter the site. While this gives way to clean lines and crisp blacks, charcoals and reds on the deeper pages, the feeling that you’re entering for a friendly, informal chat never really goes away. This is a really nice touch and a psychologically astute move that displays the company’s aim of making the website an experiential rather than a purely informational device.

Navigation – Despite the homepage containing relatively few links, navigating through the site is incredibly easy. The clear layout and the strict adherence to the mantra of ‘no clutter’ makes finding your way around each page simple and straightforward. The navigation bar at the top of each page feels intuitive and their portflio is nicely organised.

Content – New Brand Vision set out their available services and creative ethos simply and clearly, striking exactly the right balance between giving enough information to accurately describe what they do and giving too much technical detail which could overwhelm a prospective customer. Their blog is well maintained and through it they share practical advice and industry news with other webmasters and online marketers – it’s nice to see this kind of participation in a community when the traditional tendency of commercial firms is to hold their cards close to the chest. The portfolio is in-depth, well curated and very large.

Contact Options – As you’d expect from a company at home with marketing, New Brand Vision aren’t backwards when it comes to getting you through the door. However, that’s not to say they give you the hard sell either – the relaxed, informal style of the site which started with the home page is maintained through the ‘Contact’ pages which present all the relevant information (including directions from nearest tube stations – nice) without nagging you incessantly for social media likes and follows.

Pizazz – Apart from the stand-out homepage which we’ve already gushed over the site also contains another great feature which ties in with the concept of making visitors feel welcome and comfortable with the personalities behind the business.

newbrandvision2.jpgThe ‘Our Team’ page introduces every member of the company and explains what they do. It also gives you a little insight into their personality and makes it very apparent that the people who work there like each other and enjoy doing what they do.

That’s a really important factor for businesses looking for a company to whom they can entrust their brand. The personal relationship between client and account manager is crucial and needs to be nurtured from the earliest possible opportunity. It’s something that New Brand Vision group clearly excel at.

It’s also great that – considering the company is based only a stone’s throw away from Brick Lane – there isn’t a handlebar moustache or tiny beanie in sight.

For creating a website with immediate warmth, bags of personality and a well judged soft-sell approach to marketing themselves, we’re proud to give New Brand Vision Group our Website Award for best Internet Services website. Hats off guys!

Internet Services Honourable Mention: Toolkit Websites

Surprise, surprise, it’s another website design company making the top of our list for best website in the internet services category. though takes a totally different approach that the company we’ve seen already – they’ve gone with a supremely functional website that comprehensively explains and sets out the benefits of their products and service.

toolkit.jpgBecause their offering is inherently more technical than marketing oriented this approach is the right choice for Toolkit Websites and it’s one which they pull off expertly.

The content is in-depth and well put together including videos, a packed portfolio section and tons of testimonials. Contact options are manifold and clearly presented.

The team is introduced in their own words and it’s fantastic to see a company set out their stall with a page entitled ‘Our Philosophy’.

For keeping their feet firmly on the ground and providing website visitors with an information packed and fuss-free experience we’re pleased to give Toolkit Websites a well deserved honourable mention.


If your company is looking – like New Brand Vision Group and Toolkit Websites – to make waves on the world wide web then use Approved Index to compare quotes from leading website design agencies.