In a category that we fully expected to be hugely competitive and in which our expectations proved to be accurate, we’re very pleased to announce that has won our 2012 award for best website for an Approved Index marketing supplier.

Who are they?

Creative is a marketing agency with a difference – while their head office is located in Cheltenham they also maintain a network of creative partners throughout the country. This allows them to provide nationwide coverage while maintaining the kind of customer service you’d expect from a local agency.

Creative are a relatively new Approved Index supplier having joined our network this year.

Why did they win?

Design – Converse to what you might expect in the marketing industry it’s rather fashionable to have a low-key, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin style website which looks like it was put together just before the dot com bubble burst back in the early noughties, a website that says “we spend so much time and effort on our clients’ campaigns that we don’t have time to work on our own.” Refreshingly then, Creative have bucked this trend by producing an excellent looking site with a strong visual theme that’s carried through all its pages. The cartoon graphics are fun without being garish, the amount of text in relation to images is well balanced and the colours used are nicely understated so that the work they’ve done for clients is still emphasised over their own branding.

Navigation – The navigation bar at the top of each page makes getting around the site’s colour coded sections easy and expands to allow naviagtion within those sections. The portfolio section uses space economically while still giving a greet feel for the work that Creative has done. The page load time is pretty good too.

Content – For a new site the amount of content is impressive. There’s plenty of information on the different services that Creative provide while the blog carries a good mix of company news and general marketing tips and advice. The homepage carries a downloadable guide on how to draw up a brief for a marketing company – a nice touch which shows a customer-focused approach to content planning.

Pizazz – As we mentioned before it’s rather unusual to find a marketing agency with a souped-up modern website but Creative have really pulled it out of the bag. What we particularly like (and you may spot a trend developing in our judging habits here) is their ‘Team’ section.

creative2.jpgThe site carries the usual plethora of contact options you expect from a top quality site but also goes one step further.

Each Creative partner has their own profile on the site with contact details so you can get in touch directly.

This personal touch makes Creative seem that much more approachable and really helps them to achieve their stated aim of providing a local-style service via a national agency.

In a highly competitive industry Creative have really delivered the goods with this new website.

We hope it brings them the kind of success that such cutting edge work deserves.

Marketing Honourable Mention: Outsmart

Outsmart are a creative marekting agency based in Yorkshire. They provide a full spectrum of services from graphic design through to planning and implementing advertising campaigns.

outsmart copy.jpgOutsmart are another marketing company that recognise the importance of putting together a quality website with a customer focused approach to content.

They provide a copious amount of information on their services and their ROI driven approach. Neither are they shy about putting some personality into the site with images of team members, a blog which gives you an insight on their charitable activities and a wide range of contact options and social media plug-ins for reaching out.

The site also looks good, has a compact structure which holds a surprising amount of content and doesn’t keep you waiting for pages to load.

All in all is a lovely website for which we’re proud to give Outsmart this honourable mention.


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