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We are very pleased to announce that the winner of our supplier website award in the office equipment category is

Who are they?

Founded in the UK in 1924 Neopost has grown to become a global supplier of mailroom equipment and software including franking machines, letter folders, shredders and mail accounting software.

Neopost UK has headquarters in Romford, Essex and regional offices throughout the country.

They’ve been an Approved Index supplier since 2008.

Why did they win?

Design – Okay, there’s nothing earth shaking here but in the office equipment category no one’s going overboard on flashy graphics. The design is however unparalled when it comes to functionality. The layout is crisp, clear and precise with a contact form right there on the homepage so you can request quotes instantly. If you’re looking to contact a supplier about a franking machine, Neopost UK are making it a hassle free proposition.

Navigation – With links on the homepage to their product catalogue, customer support centre, online shop and copious information on Royal Mail postal tariffs, Neopost aren’t just making life easy for potential new customers but for existing customers too. There’s a page on how to use their online account management system accessible right from the home page so that people who’ve just signed up don’t need to go on a long hunt for information. This is good site architecture.

Contact Options – For potential customers there are a variety of contact forms to request information – including the short one on the home page – as well as telephone numbers to call. The customer support centre also provides a wealth of options, both online and phone based, for existing customers. It’s easy to find the addresses and numbers of regional offices too. In general, you get the feeling that Neopost are ready to talk.

Pizazz – As we’ve already mentioned, in office equipment a functional website is pretty much all you ask for and there were many contenders for the crown of most usable. What tipped the Neopost UK site over into winner territory for us was this:

neopostcsr.jpgA whole page dedicated to corporate social responsibility.

This not only highlights Neopost’s efforts to reduce their environmental impact through cutting their carbon footprint, waste and energy consupmtion but also shows that they raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital – their nominated charity – and encourage their staff to volunteer for local charities.

It’s the kind of thing we like seeing from businesses – especially ones who are big enough to not really have to bother – and the kind of thing that makes all the difference when it comes to dishing out the honours.

So congratulations Neopost UK on building a website about office equipment that’s not only easy to use, on which it’s easy to find contact details and which is jam-packed with useful information but which also highlights the importance of being a good corporate citizen.

It’s an example to others in more ways than one.

Office Equipment Honourable Mention: Rijo42

Do coffee machines count as office equipment? We don’t know. What we do know is that the folks at Rijo42 absolutely love coffee and that love shows through on their website


It’s not just the heart-shapes branding but a wealth of info on coffee machines and beans full of the kind of attention to detail that only true connoiseur can produce that shows us how much they care.

From videos on how their coffee beans are grown through to a blog that teaches you how to make the perfect cup, the content on this website is more than just froth.

It looks pretty nice too, don’t you think?

So hats off to Rijo42 for a top quality coffee machines site which warrants them an honourable mention in the office equipment section of our website awards 2012.


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