SEO for Beginners, the second part of this series of SEO tips is all about aligning your business and SEO strategies. This is an all important aspect that must be considered when beginning a concerted effort to improve the visibility of your website, via SEO methods.

Reflection time

Examine your business goals and what your website is currently doing or what it will do. Are these two areas aligned, signing off the same hymn sheet, are they focused like a laser, on the prize that you’ve set yourself?

If not then you need to have a think about how you can get these two areas aligned, or your strategy for the website will go off kilter and quickly.

Write down the areas that have become mis-aligned and delve, discuss & debate into how you can align these areas.

Getting these goals aligned will help you to define how and where you put your efforts when you employ your SEO strategy, not only for your website, but for your overall business strategy.

Get the building blocks of your website correct & the rest doesn’t become easier, but it becomes a lot clearer.

Handling Opposition to your website and SEO strategy

Obviously, business needs can alter the decisions we want to make, so at times we can’t always do what we would like to. This does not make your SEO strategy obsolete, it means you have to focus on other areas until the time or resources become available to optimise the parts of your site that have been put on the back burner.

Once you have shown your strategy to the rest of your team, or consorted with your peers if you’re a one person business, then it’s the time to choose which areas you want to focus on at this stage.

Focus on increasing traffic overall to the website, optimise specific pages on the website, and see how these perform.


The most important consideration to keep in mind is that you keep your expectations in check. SEO takes time, and limited changes will produce slower results, so enter with the mentality that you will be in for the long haul. Once you and your fellow employees notice that the site is bringing in more quality traffic then it will be time to garner more money for your SEO budget.

And finally,

So what to remember! Develop a document displaying your business goals and objectives overall.

Define what you want your website to do, or what it currently does. Are these areas aligned?

If you have mis-aligned areas, are there opportunities to focus these and bring them in line?

If not, prioritise on a smaller part of the site, and manage your expectations. List some SEO goals that will be attainable whilst you are limited by resources, time or management.

Next time we will discuss your future site visitors and what you want them to do when on your website.