Beginning an SEO strategy for your business can be a very daunting task. Where on earth do you begin??? The terminology is off-putting, the complex coding that can be involving is mind boggling and there is so much information out there where on earth do you begin?

When I first got involved with SEO those thoughts were flowing around my head on a rotational basis for most of the day. Getting ready in the morning for work involved minutes of head scratching regarding the use of H tags when writing content, and what kind of anchor text was best to link my internal pages.

This blind panic has abated over time, and I now feel comfortable with the terminology (well most of it), that I think it’s about time to pass on some introductory pointers to webmasters who want to aid their sites and see their all important website gain some good grace with Google.

So over the upcoming weeks I will post some short articles relating to a particular area in SEO that are simple enough for webmasters with little experience to employ and gain those all important SERP rankings. Ill post my own advice with links to videos from industry professionals at Google and other leading bodies.

The first post is something all marketers, business owners or website babysitters can manage, and that is defining the reason for having your website, and having a well planned SEO strategy. Defining your aims, goals and objectives will help you to clarify how you want your website to operate and who it should be aiming for. A good strategy should be thought out before any of the nitty gritty keyword research or on/off page optimisation begins.

1 – Define your primary, secondary & any additional business goals.

        Primary Goal – Find buyers for our suppliers to sell their products too

        Secondary Goal – Increase relevancy of buyers within our network

        Additional Goal – Find quality, well placed suppliers for our buyers

2 – What does your website do?

    If you already have a website, then examine what it’s doing at the moment. Is it selling products online? Is it a brochure website, which displays your products? Are you publishing research papers, discussing new innovations, business biographies?

Go through your site and write down a list of what your site is doing currently.

If you don’t have a website or your looking to re-develop go through and write down what you want your website to do in the future, thus giving yourself a clearly defined list of aims and objectives for your website. This will also help give you an idea of the complexity of the website and allow you to align this with your marketing budgets for the upcoming business year, and then help you to gain a realistic perspective of the functionality the site will be capable of displaying, in line with your current budget.

Next time we will discuss how to align what you have just found out with your overall business goals and how this can affect you’re online and SEO strategy…