There aren’t many people who when working don’t get acraving for a hot drink, be it tea or coffee. The office hot drinks vendingmachine is a hub of activity throughout the day here at Approved Index. But howmuch do we know about the humble hot drinks vending machine, or vendingmachines in general.

Here are some interesting facts all about vending machines,and a great infographic all about office workers drinking habits when at work.

The first ever vending machine

A famed engineer Hero of Alexandria wrote about avending machine that disposed of holy water in the first century. Usersinserted a coin into the device; the weight of the coin lifted a flap thatallowed the water to flow. Once the flap had lifted high enough the coindropped off and the flap closed.

Industrial revolution, no it was a vending machine revolution

For vending machines to take prominence you need to fastforward to the industrial age. Both America and the UK had forms of vendingmachines available in the 1880s. In London you could insert coins into apostcard dispensing vending machine, and in America you could purchase chewinggum when on train platforms from vending machines.

Thank vending machines for Pinball

Games were integrated into American vending machines toattract custom; it is widely thought that the games that were put on thesevending machines led to pinball machines being created.

Insure your life, use a vending machine!

From the early 1950’s to the 1970’s in American airportsyou could purchase life insurance from vending machines in airports. This wasvery profitable for a long period due to the low numbers of plane crashes, butit was later phased out due to regulatory changes.

Vending machine spotter, Japan is the place to go!

Japan has the largest number of vending machines percapita. In 1999, the estimated 5.6 million coin- and card-operated Japanesevending machines generated $53.28 billion in sales. You can buy standard itemsfrom these machines but it’s also possible to find live lobster, potted plants,liquor and a whole variety of other more unmentionable items.

For more random vending machines then view this great blogpost on 17 unusual vending machines.

Now we have some great hot drink vending machine suppliersat Approved Index, but the following infographic just shows how important hotdrinks are for maintaining employee happiness, read it and be amazed at howmuch coffee and tea is consumed, you may well be surprised.

Getting your caffeine fix in the office

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