photocopier imageThey’re essential items in all offices, photocopiers are a vital piece of office equipment. When email emerged there were calls that the photocopier was dead, and that the paperless office was now going to emerge. As this premise has still not materialised the office photocopier is an important member of your team, quietly sitting there until called into action to print off an array of work documents.

Here is a breakdown of the essentials you need to remember when you need a new photocopier for your business.

Leasing Photocopiers – What to Consider?

This is an important question that you should ask right at the beginning of the decision making process, it’s always useful to continually weigh up the advantages or disadvantages of both. But here at Approved Index we feel leasing is a great option for any small to medium sized businesses. So we have put together a guide to help you make that all important business decision.

Drawbacks of Photocopier Leasing

Many small and large companies prefer to lease photocopiers as opposed to paying a large up-front cost and purchasing a photocopier. Instead of owning the photocopier you are technically renting it from the photocopier supplier. You will get the photocopier itself, accessories, on-going repair and customer support all for a monthly payment that is negotiated between you and the supplier. This cost can vary greatly depending on what the lessee’s overall requirements are.

Drawbacks in terms of leasing photocopiers for business are very few and far between, hence the popularity of using this method to acquire new photocopiers. The interest that will be accrued via the leasing process is one of the key considerations for businesses to take into account. But, if you were too purchase a photocopier outright using credit or payment plan then you would be paying interest as well. So it’s important to check what interest payments you will have to make and weigh up the pros and cons.

The other key consideration to take into account is that you don’t own the equipment, therefore selling the photocopier or damaging the machine can lead to problems. Selling the photocopier is out of the question, but where costs may be incurred is any type of damage to the machine that can be attributed to a lack of care whilst the machine has been in use. If the photocopier suppliers can attribute the damage to neglect, then you can be in line for large excess charge to cover the cost of repairs. This is a rare occurrence as generally when people are in the workplace they are respectful of the equipment they are using, unlike this employee.

Benefits of Photocopier Leasing

There are many benefits of leasing photocopiers especially for small to medium sized businesses; one of the best is the lack of need for a large upfront payment that can be massively inconvenient for smaller businesses, a good business photocopier can easily set a business back anything from £2,000 up-to £12,000 and more if you have even more bespoke requirements. You can instead get a top quality photocopier with all the add-ons that you require for a monthly payment, therefore the cash which you would have spent can be used on other business matters.

Leasing a photocopier also means that post purchase the photocopier will be well taken care of, in most leasing plans you will get on-going repairs and support from the company you leased the photocopier from, after the warranty has expired from a purchased photocopier you are left without any support, and repairs can be expensive. Photocopiers tend to get used very regularly, they do in our office that’s for sure, so having the peace of mind that your leased photocopier has an on-going repair agreement gives you great peace of mind that when something does happen you will quickly get the help and support that you require.

Another great benefit of leasing your business photocopier is the fact that if you have a long term lease agreement in place, when the current photocopier begins to play up or becomes obsolete you can quickly, easily and more importantly affordably upgrade to a new model.


Benefits of Leasing Photocopiers

•    Easy to budget for

•    Various upgrade options are available

•    Tax efficient for businesses

•    Convenient and flexible monthly plans

•    Regular small payments, rather than large initial outlays