Another week of business, another week of excellent blog posts. Here’s a round-up of the top 3.

The first post that I found useful is focused on how your sales team can employ social media techniques to find, develop and nurture sales opportunities. It’s definitely something that I see our sales team have started doing more and more, and has produced some excellent results. Take a read of the article 5 Ways Social Media Can Help Sales People Grow Leads and do share your experiences if this is an area that you’ve had some success.

The second post I want to highlight is from Business Blogs. It’s an interesting article related to email marketing that discusses whether or not email marketing it a viable channel to integrate into your business marketing plan and covers some of the benefits. Take a read and see whether email marketing is something you may want to employ – Are You Utilising The Power Of Email Marketing?

This third post is from SEOmoz, and relates to the recent Google algorithm changes, nicknamed “Panda updates” that have made an impact on many websites’ rankings.  If you’re struggling to get your client or management team to take your website plans seriously, then this questionnaire approach is a solid way to prove that the work is necessary – using feedback from actual or potential users.

Replicate Google’s Panda Questionnaire

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