Another busy week in the office and another busy week trawling the internet looking for interesting topics of conversation. So as tradition dictates it is now time for my Friday round-up of some of the best posts, videos and general online ephemera that has garnered my attention in the past week.

The first post that I have enjoyed this week was from Google. The post was titled Measuring and optimising Fairmont’s social media efforts with Google Analytics. It’s an interesting post about how the Fairmont business implemented advanced segments and tracking in order to measure the success of individual social media campaigns. I find it an interesting article as there is a lot of dispute out in the marketing world over the validity of social media, due in part to the lack of being able to track or record conversion or success rates.

The second article that has caught my attention is related to user generated content, and strictly speaking I found this article last week, but only got round to reading it early this week. The article is all about user generated content (UGC) and this is an area that we at Approved Index are focusing a lot of interest at the moment, and it is something we are going to be enabling on the Approved Index website in the future. The article is very interesting and goes into good detail about the potential benefits of maximising your UGC offering. Read the full article here How To Get Users To Promote Their Own Content.

User Generated ContentThe third and final article that I had in my RSS feed and got round to reading this week was regarding homepage re-design. This is an interesting topic and one that I take a great interest in as it can be a risky, yet very beneficial move for a website. This article sums up three good points on what you should be considering when beginning the process of implementing a new homepage. Read the full article here Redesigning Your Homepage: 3 “Must Do” Steps.

Homepage Redesign