As an online marketing executive I am always trawling blogs, websites and other various forms of social media in order to further my knowledge, and help develop new ideas for Approved Index.

Therefore I have compiled some of my favourite posts from the past few weeks, I will turn this into a weekly post that will be published on a Friday, always a good day to complete some extra curricular activity. Hopefully you will find some articles that are not only of interest to you, but may also directly benefit your business strategy.

This week, the posts are all very much related to social media, SEO and website development, so take a look and let us know what you think.

1 – Transform Your Website With Four Magical Steps

A great post, especially for busy digital marketers who want to quickly assess the all important customer facing website. It helps to clarify the goals of a business website, which are to acquire visitors, turn them to leads and get repeat business by highlighting four key steps that should always be at the forefront of your mind. Read it here – How To Transform Your Website With Four Magical Steps.

2 – 13 Tips For Creating A Top Ranked Blog

Digital marketers should now understand the importance of engaging with RELEVANT forms of social media. If they don’t, I and many others would expect you to start getting overtaken by companies who have bitten the bullet that is social media. So this article is a good place to start if you have been contemplating the world of social media but have not yet taken the all important plunge. Getting relevant content published and regularly can help with various areas such as engaging with your potential or existing customers and it can also aid SEO. So it doesn’t have to be difficult, and it should be done. Read the article here – 13 Tips For Creating A Top Ranked Blog

3 – SEO, In-House Vs SEO Agency Vs Freelancer – What should you choose?

A nice extensive article from SEOmoz all relating to SEO and what is best to choose if your a budding SEO practitioner. It goes in to a lot of detail and explains the pros and cons of each. Take a read and see what you think. Having worked in both an agency and in house doing SEO I found it all very interesting. Read it here – SEO, In-House Vs SEO Agency Vs Freelancer – What should you choose?

4 – Homepage Optimisation – An on-going affair??

It’s always important to be monitoring conversions from the homepage of your website, and being prepared to make changes when conversions drop for an extended period of time. This article explains how the homepage is not just a webpage but a channel, and how its important to remember that the homepage serves “many masters” Read the article here – Homepage Optimisation – No Single Metric Will Do