After another meeting of minds with the buyer facing team, or leads beasts as well call them at Approved Index, we have some more top quality information that all direct mailing buyers should be aware of. If you’re considering using the services of a direct mailing company then you should find these common misconceptions and FAQs save you a lot of time, and potentially money!

Direct Mail 1Read the article in full Direct Mailing: FAQs and Misconceptions, or take a look at the highlights below.

Common Direct Mail Misconceptions

1 – Direct mail is spammy! The most reputable direct mailing Spam Mail

companies use lists of people who have opted in to receive information from pre-agreed businesses. So sending out direct mail is a great way to send targeted information to large targeted groups of prospective customers, who have indicated they have a vested interest in the general area that your business operates within, and this can apply for both B2B and B2C.

2 – Nobody reads direct mail! This can’t be true or direct mailing companies wouldn’t still be operating, yet alone expanding. Of course not everyone is going to read the information you send out, but a great majority will, and this is what you should bear in mind. Complement the direct mailing by employing other methods from the marketing mix such as email, or paid search and you will have a strong integrated campaign with which to market your product. As good marketers know relying on one marketing tactic does not always make for the best marketing strategy.

Direct Mail3 – Direct Mail and Email Marketing are the same! Whilst we at Approved Index can see where this idea may have arisen from, it’s a common misconception that can leave first time direct mail customers feeling very confused. They are both different platforms for delivering information to prospective customers, the way the information being sent is organised and arranged is also hugely different. Collecting the results also varies greatly, email marketing is highly measurable, where as direct mail is much more of a carpet approach where you send the information to as many people as possible, and filter the responses from that initial send date.