Telephones have become an integral and in some respects generic piece of office equipment. I’m pretty sure a large proportion of people don’t even notice their business telephone systems at work, or the complexity of some of these systems.

Business Telephone SystemBusiness life motors along at a resolutely fast pace – so what happens when your business telephone system begins to falter, or you finally realise that your system is in desperate need of an upgrade? Here is a brief guide to some of the common misconceptions that people have when planning an upgrade or overhaul of their business telephone system.

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1 – Business telephone systems are complicated! All new business systems can be complex at first, but the development and continued growth and profitability of your business relies on you embracing new technologies, even something as traditional as the telephone. These new systems will come with in-depth training and detailed reference guides, so any fears can be easily alleviated. The business benefits will then quickly become apparent, sales and customer services departments will be praising the day these new business telephone systems got implemented.

2 – We’ve been with our current providers a long time, changing will be a hassle! There are many benefits to be had by changing supplier; not only cost savings, but new providers could have a much better after sales package available. Keep your current provider on his/her toes, sometimes suggesting you may leave will encourage them to alter your current business telephone package.

3 – I run my own business, but only have one phone. Business telephone system suppliers can supply me right? Unfortunately not, these business telephone system suppliers can only supply to businesses with multiple phones and phone lines. If you need a new supplier or some new hardware then the best place to go is the high street. Develop the business and soon enough you should have the need for a larger scale business telephone system.