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10 Must-Have Free Online Marketing Tools for Small Business in 2013

It’s 2013! Twenty-thirteen! Think back to how you were in the nineties and try to remember how crazy the year 2013 sounded. Ridiculous! Imagine if someone had shown you an iPad then. You’d have gone crazy. Imagine if you’d been told that most people in 2013 would be using the internet FROM THEIR PHONE! That’s […]

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Social Media Training for Marketing Managers 101

The whole internet is awash with articles preaching the benefits that social media can bring to businesses – how you can reach out to new audiences, generate leads, manage your online reputation and boost your brand image (hey, we’ve even written a few of them ourselves).It seems that social media is the future of the […]

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Quality Trumps Speed in Responding to Sales Leads (…but speed helps!)

Carrying out regular Buyer Feedback Surveys has become an important part of the Approved Index set up. They not only allow us to feed back comments and ratings to our suppliers but also provide heaps of interesting data. This data can provide all sorts of insights ranging from how effective we are at matching buyers […]

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When is upgrading your technology worth it?

There’s no doubt that technology is changing the way that UK businesses go about a wide variety of tasks. Never before have so many options for automation and computerisation presented themselves to the business owner or director. The ubiquity of computers with internet connections, of tablets and smartphones, of GPS availability and the digitisation of […]

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Invoice Finance vs Bank Loans vs Overdrafts: A Cash Flow Comparison

We’ve written lots on this blog in recent times about the lack of bank finance available to small businesses and it’s effects in prolonging the recession.Despite the government’s ‘credit easing’ efforts of late the volume of new lending continues to fall (see page 4). The banks say that it’s lack of demand that’s driving this […]

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Cheap Web Design – Myth or Reality?

If you’re a small business owner who followed our recent Website Design Awards posts you might be despairing about how to acheive a great website on a low budget. As we getfurther into the 21st Century more and more people are not onlygetting online but also becoming more comfortable using the internet to dobusiness. Things […]

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Boon or Blip: The Franking Industry & Stamp Price Rises

As you will no doubt already know the Royal Mail last week anounced a big hike in the price of stamps and, therefore, in the cost of sending unfranked mail.(If you didn’t know you can read all about it here.)On the face of it the increases of 30% and 39% respectively in the cost of […]

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Become a Small Business Social Media Guru in 20 Minutes a Day

I thought I’d take some time out from our ongoing series on the small business in a recession to share some thoughts on social media and what the owners and managers of a small company can do to make it work for them.Social media is prettiest girl at the marketing ball right now: everyone wants […]

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