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Invoice Finance vs Bank Loans vs Overdrafts: A Cash Flow Comparison

We’ve written lots on this blog in recent times about the lack of bank finance available to small businesses and it’s effects in prolonging the recession.Despite the government’s ‘credit easing’ efforts of late the volume of new lending continues to fall (see page 4). The banks say that it’s lack of demand that’s driving this […]

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Best Business Services Website:

After much deliberation we’re very happy to announce that have won our 2012 award for best business services website.We found the depth, clarity and user-friendliness of this site unparalled in its category. Congratulations Workbooks on creating a fantastic resource for existing and prospective customers alike.Who are they?Workbooks is a fast-growing Reading-based provider of web-based […]

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Is Cutting Red Tape the Key to Economic Recovery?

With the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (or JOBS) Act having just passed in Washington, the drumbeat for cutting regulations for SMEs in the UK is reaching a deafening volume.This recent article in the Birmingham Post has university professor Francis Green opining that “the total burden of business regulations on small business is excessive”. He cites […]

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Boon or Blip: The Franking Industry & Stamp Price Rises

As you will no doubt already know the Royal Mail last week anounced a big hike in the price of stamps and, therefore, in the cost of sending unfranked mail.(If you didn’t know you can read all about it here.)On the face of it the increases of 30% and 39% respectively in the cost of […]

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John Nash, Game Theory and the Small Business in a Recession

What is the connection between Russell Crowe and the difficulty that small businesses are experiencing getting bank loans? In this blog post I’m going to attempt to find it but before I do we first need to solve the question thrown up by this post’s title: are we in fact in recession?The official answer is, […]

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January: A Mixed Month for Small Businesses

The first month of 2012 is almost at an end. The days are getting longer and, while temperatures aren’t showing signs of rising just yet, it’s getting slightly easier to believe that spring will one day arrive.But will 2012 be a springtime for British businesses emerging from the long winter of recession, or is the […]

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