Archive | February, 2012

Marketing: The First Cut is the Deepest

Another area in which it can be tempting to slash costs in a recession is marketing. The marketing budget tends to take up a lot of space on a business’s list of outgoings and it sometimes feels that those outgoings are strangling your margins. After all, what does marketing do exactly? What revenue does it […]

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Ecommerce: If not now, when?

In our last blog post we laid out the case for not following the predictable path of cost-cutting and downsizing that most businesses fall prey to during a recession. We argued that in the current business climate large companies are mostly locked into a beggar thy neighbour type strategy of cost reduction (in fact where […]

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John Nash, Game Theory and the Small Business in a Recession

What is the connection between Russell Crowe and the difficulty that small businesses are experiencing getting bank loans? In this blog post I’m going to attempt to find it but before I do we first need to solve the question thrown up by this post’s title: are we in fact in recession?The official answer is, […]

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