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What Degree Will Make you Rich?

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What Degrees Did the World’s Top 100 Billionaires Obtain 32% of billionaires did not complete tertiary education 22% studied engineering at university 9% studied an arts degree, which is more than those who studied economics, finance, maths, law or science Those without a tertiary education top the list with an average of 30 billion dollars […]


Map of Women on UK Start-up Boards

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The map below highlights the lack of female representation on start-up boards across UK regions. Surprisingly, London fares as one of the worst represented regions with only 6.72% of board members being made up of females. The North West and East of England come up top with 16.85% an 14.29% respectively. The graph shows how […]

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I’ll take my Eggs Frozen Please

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If you’re a career women working for some of the hottest tech companies in the world, you may just have the option to freeze your eggs now and think about thawing them later. Oh, and by eggs, we mean the ones in your ovaries of course. Facebook implemented it’s oocyte cryopreservation (that’s egg-freezing to you) […]

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Unlimited Leave – Revolution or Gimmick?

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Last week Richard Branson announced he would be introducing one of Silicon Valley’s latest hook tactics by offering 170 of his personal staff unlimited annual leave. At first glance this seems an enviable perk, but you may want to put down your imaginary Pina Colada and take another look . Amidst all the dazzle, there […]